Day 19: 30 Days, 30 Ways


Thursday, April 5

Hot Yoga is Hot!

Thanks to my quietly die-hard friend, Sandy, I finally tried hot yoga. We went to Sunstone Yoga in Dallas for the “Wood Series.” This is billed as a challenging, 60-minute core-building power class. The studio provides the towels and mat, you just need to bring some water and a willing mindset. Sandy let me know that people aren’t supposed to talk in class, which was good because I tend to chat!

So, in we walked. I was immediately impressed by the heat. It felt like I’d just gone outside in Texas on a mid-morning summer day. The handout says it’s 90 degrees, but it felt hotter to me! The lights were dim, the instructor came in with a very soothing voice to tell us how to “warm up” (Ha! I was already warm just sitting there!) and then start on the exercises. The regulars were all participating in loud breathing and “ohming” or humming of some sort.

We did lots of mat work, leg raises, downward dog variations and more. It was definitely a core strength workout. I couldn’t help mopping up the sweat on occasion. I had it streaming off my arms, dripping off my nose and sliding down my back. I’m sorry – I know it’s natural and cleansing and all of that, but I don’t need extra sweat in my life. I’ve got enough on a daily basis. Then, I read the brochure later and saw that it said, “When you towel off or wipe away perspiration, your body attempts to replace it and as a result you greatly increase your water loss during class. It also causes you to lose focus and detracts from the stillness of the entire class.”  So … I messed up there!

This was a taxing class really because of the heat. I’m so glad we didn’t start with an extremely physically demanding class such as the “Fire Series,” where the room is 96 degrees and has 34 poses taking up to 90 minutes. Or the “Metal Series,” which is a “more vigorous pace … to develop greater stamina and strength.” I would’ve had to be carted out to the curb!

In short, if you love yoga and the mental clarity/lifestyle part of it, you’d love hot yoga and Sunstone Yoga.

COST: Free for the first time if your friend brings you.

There are various pricing structures depending on how much access you want. It ranges from $29 to $109 per month, plus initiation fees.


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